Saturday, April 9, 2016

Buffalo Billion and beyond...

Buffalo Billion and beyond...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

incendio mató a Alexavier Torres-Santiago, 7 años de edad, familia necesitan donaciones

Un incendio  mató a  Alexavier Torres-Santiago, 7 años de edad cuando rápidamente se incendio la casa de apartamentos con estructura de madera, donde él y su familia vivieron.
 Sarah Santiago, la madre del niño y Carlos Rodríguez, el padrastro del niño, y las autoridades anunciaron que un fondo de emergencia se ha creado en nombre de la familia. Las donaciones pueden ser enviadas a M & T Bank, 130 Grant St., Buffalo, NY 14213. El número de cuenta del fondo de es 9864160693.

La familia perdió todo sus principales necesidades incluyen una nevera, comedor y juegos de salón y seis camas. También necesitan ropa. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bomba y Plena at Kleinhans Music Hall

 Who is Sergio Rodriguez? Well, if you didn't attend the Hispanic Heritage Council of Western New York concert of Bomba y Plena de Puerto Rico  at Kleinhans Music Hall on Friday, October 4, at 7 PM you missed Sergio and the wonderful concert.

Sergio Rodriguez is a young dynamic Dominicano a transplant from NYC residing in Buffalo now who is a candidate for Mayor of the City of Buffalo. And yes, Mayor Byron Brown attended the event but he didn't have any of  his Puerto Rican/Latino Commissioners sitting beside him at the concert celebrating Hispanic Heritage because in the two terms he has been Mayor....Brown has yet to appoint any high ranking Latinos to his administration.  He thinks Puerto Ricans live on the west side of Buffalo in a barrio of 100 or less, forgetting that the community is over 50,000 and there has been an influx of other Latinos from across the state. And one of them Sergio Rodriguez is running as a Republican candidate for Mayor.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Judge Block allegations he interfered with jurors deliberations should be investigated

Luis Roman, the juror named on the affidavit said he could have been wrong about the day and time judge Federic Block entered the deliberations room but nobody told him to lie. Judge Block did refute the allegations in the affidavit produced records of his access card and telephone calls, but it appeared it was only for the time alleged. Block not only sent former Senate majority leader Pedro Espada directly to jail, denying him time to get his things in order after sentencing, but asked prosecutors to possibly charge Espada and Roman for filing a false affidavit. The flamboyant judge said he wore his best suit for the sentencing had commented how unusual it was that Espada spent the Sound View Clinic alleged "looted" money on his wife not a mistress since many of the elected leaders in Albany have mistresses. So he credited Espada for not keeping a mistress. Block alleged in the media reports that he didn't "trust" Espada sent him directly to jail. According to a newspaper report, "Espada had tried a variety of tricks to dodge prison, including filing an affidavit this week from a juror who claimed Block once walked into the deliberations room and spoke to jurors. Block yesterday ticked off multiple reasons as to why he couldn’t have been in the courthouse when the juror said he was, including phone records that showed he was at home that morning. He blasted Espada for filing what he said he must have known was an incorrect affidavit. The juror, Luis Roman, who said Espada’s wife contacted him and told him to come to yesterday’s hearing, later insisted outside court: “Nobody told me to lie . . . I could be mistaken about the time.”" There aught to be an investigation of the allegations on the claim in the affidavit that Judge Block wrongfully interfered in the deliberations of the jurors not only on the day in question but at other times and days now that juror Luis Roman alleged it happened though he might have been incorrect about the time and day he alleged in the affidavit. And the investigation should be conducted by an independent group other than Judge Block and the same federal prosecutors prosecuting Espada.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Former Sen. Pedro Espada sentence to prison

Former Senador Pedro Espada sentence to five years prison. In 2009, Espada appointed majority leader of the NYS Senate after a political gridlock on June 2009 that stopped the Albany government from conducting any business. In his new title Espada was also president pro temp of the Senate and served as governor when ever David Paterson left the State and would have succeeded the governor if he had to step down or died. So this battle of political succession to the governorship was the problem. Republicans and Democrats coalesced to keep Espada from becoming the governor. This included both white and black elected officials and it was at this time that former attorney general Andrew Cuomo initiated the lawsuits that led to the conviction and finally sentenced to prison for Espada. A Latino much less a Puerto Rican was not going to be governor of New York. And today Espada sentenced to prison and Andrew Cuomo is Governor of New York.
Judge Frederic Block also ordered him to pay $368,088 in forfeiture, $368,087.43 in restitution and $118,531 to the IRS. He also has to serve 100 hours of community service.

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